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Ellipse Fabrications AGRI Shelter® Max is manufactured for animal housing, calf housing, Sheep housing, alpaca housing, equine housing, fodder storage, vehicle and machinery storage.

AGRI Shelter® Max has been designed by Ellipse Fabrications Ltd to provide an innovative and adaptable solution for shelter and storage within the agricultural sector. The design draws on tried and tested knowledge and components in wide spread use in both polytunnel and portal frame building designs. Using our smaller unit design, we have adapted it for larger units by including double hoops with lattice work and a frontal lattice beam to provide extra support.  The AGRI Shelter® Max is perfect for housing a wide variety of livestock, also for storing feed, fodder and machinery.

The AGRI Shelter® Max can be manufactured to any required length. We have followed a modular design, with the length of the structure increasing by simply adding modules. Additionally, the modular design allows for lengthening of the structure at a later date.

Our AGRI Shelter® Max 20', 24′ & 30′ increase in length by 12′ / 3.6 m modules.

The building has the flexibility of uses offered by a portal frame building, whilst coming in at a price more align with a polytunnel.

The key to this is the use of a heavy duty PVC membrane as the roof cladding. This is a durable material with a life expectancy in excess of 15 years.

The AGRI Shelter® Max comes as standard with galvanised corrugated steel to a height of 1.2m (4 ft) on three sides, with pressure treated space board above, although other options are available.

Main uses:

  • Animal housing

  • Calf housing

  • Field shelter for all types of livestock

  • Fodder storage

  • Sheep housing

  • Stables

  • Vehicle and machinery storage

Contact us for a free quote and bespoke design.

Standard Specification:

  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanised frame

  • Pressure treated timber

  • Galvanised corrugated steel sheeting

  • Pressure treated space board

  • Long life heavy weight PVC fabric membrane roof

  • Front and rear PVC gutters

  • 3 standard widths are available (AGRI Shelter® Max 20', 24′ and 30′) We do also provide smaller structures with a 10′, 12′ and 16' width under our AGRI Shelter® range or our range AGRI Stable designed for horses.


Optional extras:

  • Gates

  • Feed barrier

  • Walk through feed troughs

  • Feed racks

  • Doors

  • Altered cladding

  • Front bay cladding

  • Concrete panels

  • Phenolic plyboard

  • Paneltim

  • And many more …

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