Terms and Conditions of Construction

Construction by Ellipse Fabrications Ltd construction team assuming the following conditions prevail.

Sand, stone and cement to be provided by the customer, on larger jobs readymix concrete may be required.
Cement mixer to be provided by customer (where necessary).
Workable access to site.
Conditions of ground must be suitable for spade working, if not we reserve the right to charge for additional labour.
Customer to provide Plant and Hire Equipment if necessary (this could involve a dumper truck, mini digger, skip or any other relevant equipment). Unless otherwise stated.
Mains supply of electricity and water.
Generators or special tools will be charged as extra’s to this quotation if required.
Ellipse Fabrications Ltd are not responsible for the removal of spoils from site.
Ellipse Fabrications Ltd cannot be held to any completion date as the constructor’s ability to perform much of the work is dependent on the weather conditions.
Any workmanship with which the customer is not satisfied must be pointed out before the construction team leave site. A Satisfaction note is provided to assist the customer and is to be completed by both the customer and the construction team.
Ellipse Fabrications Ltd to provide the following: –

Company Health and Safety Documentation, Risk Assessment and Method Statement
Scissor Lifts

For clarity we list a few assumptions, inclusions and exclusions

  • We have assumed all works on site will be carried out in 1 visit, however as cladding is very dependent on weather it may be necessary to return at a later date to clad.

  • We have not allowed for protection of the existing building whilst the new works are being carried out.

  • We have not allowed for the lift or reinstating of any paving

  • We have not allowed for general or special attendances.

  • We have not allowed for skips for removal of waste

  • Removal of waste is up to the customer unless otherwise stated (included but not limited to off cuts of polythene, wire, timber, steel off cuts, netting, cladding material etc.)

  • We have assumed that we can have access from 8am until 8.30pm Monday-Sunday. Should working hours vary from those stated please advise prior to order as this may affect our quotation. Any hours notified after receipt of order will be charged as a variation

  • We have assumed that any arrangements with the Highways Authority for offloading will be the responsibility of the Main Contractor in accordance with delivery times and periods agreed with us.

  • Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulation 2007, construction operatives require the use of suitable welfare facilities as such Ellipse Fabrications Ltd assume operatives will be allowed the use of customers welfare facilities. Should this not be possible this will affect our quotation.

  • Suitable power supply close to our area of work provided DOC from yourselves.

  • Access to site for a 40’ articulated trailer

  • Area to be cleared to provide working access and designated access to site for personnel’s and materials

  • Ellipse Fabrications Ltd to terminate down pipes at ground level with shoe.

  • We require a suitable area for offloading and erection on site

  • Relevant Planning & Building Control permissions have been obtained

  • Area will be cleared to provide working access for a rough terrain long reach forklift main access plant.

  • We have not included for any heras fencing

  • We assume a secure area will be provided for all materials on site.

  • Customer to make good of access, surrounding areas or finished floor level after erection is complete.

  • All care will be taken when conduction surveys to locate as accurately as possible the location of all existing underground services prior to the commencement of works. However, no responsibility will be accepted for the damage of any unknown or incorrectly located services. Where possible we ask that you provide any drawings or plans for existing services including; electric, cables, gas pipes, sewers, water, telephone, fibre optics etc. If any services i.e. Electrical, gas, water running through the site interfere with the proposed foundation layout the re-routing and re-establishing of these are to be undertaken by the customer.

Door Terms & Conditions prior to installation

  • The floor has to be completely finished and perfectly level all around the door. In the case of swing doors it will be necessary to ensure that the floor is finished and level for the complete swing arc of the door.

  • A 230v 50Hz maintained supply protected by a 13amp switched fused spur mounted 1.5m adjacent and to the top left of the operator has to be installed by others and ready before installation of the doors. The circuit should be protected by a residual current circuit breaker rated at 30mA and conforming to BS4293:1983 / BS61008-1:1995. The spur should be readily accessible as detailed within the Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

  • Where fire alarm interface is required it will be necessary for the mains supply to be interrupted on alarm activation, this work is by others and should be completed before installation of the doors. When adopted this will ensure that sliding doors will go to the open position and swing doors to the closed position.

  • The program selector is generally mounted adjacent to the entrance. If you require the program selector to be remotely mounted then we ask you to provide a conduit or cable route to the required mounting position. The mounting position should not exceed 30m.


We can provide one copy of our O&M manuals consisting of:

  • As built drawings

  • Material Data sheets (from suppliers)

  • Safety data sheets (from suppliers)

  • Schedule Sheet

  • Basic operation methods and safety advice


Payment Terms

30% deposit (+ VAT) to confirm order.

50% (+ VAT) payable upon delivery of materials.

20% (+ VAT) balance upon completion.


  • Prices are held for 90 days from date of quotation unless otherwise specified.

  • All goods shall remain the property of Ellipse Fabrications Ltd until the company has received in cash or cleared funds payment in full.