Warbreck Case Study

Ellipse Fabrications Ltd. was initially given a planning drawing of a scheme to re-build and extend the existing building at Warbreck Garden Centre back in October 2019.  The complexity was such that three different types of buildings were required to be fabricated and joined seamlessly together without too much disruption to the customers and normal operating proceedings at Warbreck.

These additions comprised of:
•    A curved roof canopy extension
•    A 2-bay portal frame building
•    A portal frame structure with atrium and mezzanine floor 

The access and complexity was such that temporary supports had to be installed in order to preserve the integrity of the existing structure in order Detailed calculations using Computer-aided design software (CAD) enabled the steelwork angles and joins to be modelled prior to production.  A total of 40 tonnes of steel work had to be cut, welded, painted in the factory prior to being shipped and constructed by the site crew on-site at Warbreck.

Working closely with J & K Construction, principal contractor, Ellipse is working hard to deliver an innovative garden centre whilst carefully observing Covid 19 operational guidelines.

The feature exit atrium with complex angle-work is seen below.

Watch this page for further photographs and updates as the work progresses!

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